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Group Clinical Supervision

Group supervision enables clinicians to reflect on their work in a group setting, which provides benefits beyond those found in one-to-one sessions. By bringing together clinicians of various skills, experience and knowledge, group supervision can further enhance skills and capability of group members. Group supervision is being offered both in person and online.


Group supervision complements 1:1 supervision; by providing an opportunity to gain peer input to your learning and reflection, it can also serve as an opportunity  to network and enhance your confidence as a clinician.

Benefits of Group
Supervision Include:

  • Making connections and hearing viewpoints from different therapists.

  • Exposure to a multitude of perspectives, approaches and theoretical orientations.

  • Professional growth through experientially participating in group dynamics.

  • Development of peer feedback and public speaking skills.

  • Increased sense of support through sharing similar concerns with others.

Image by Giulia Losa Fiori
Image by Bruno Martins
Image by Bruno Martins

My Role as Your Group Supervisor:

In addition to the usual tasks of supervision discussed on the Indvidual Supervision page, my role as the group supervisor is to:

  • Establish a clear working agreement and review it on a regular basis.

  • Facilitate group discussion and reflection.

  • Model best practice by listening with respect, withholding judgment or assumptions.

  • Help to maintain the focus and boundaries of the group.

  • Establish a safe space where clinicians are confident to speak and explore ideas freely.

  • Manage the dynamics of the group, ensuring equal participation and recognition.

What happens in a group supervision session?

Sessions last 2 hours and run every four weeks from February to November. To maintain full participation and support for each member, groups are limited to 3-6 clinicians.  Sessions generally start with a check-in after which supervisees are invited to name an issue they would like to present to the group. The supervisor and the group will decide together which issues they will cover in the session, giving equal opportunity to all supervisees.

It is important to find the best clinical supervisor for your needs.

You can see more information on my qualifications and experience on my Individual Supervision page.

If you are interested in Group Supervision, please see the booking page and download the form to express your interest; when the right number of eligible participants have signed up, you will be contacted to confirm your continued interest and the next steps.