Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy is very beneficial for people who want to learn more about themselves, especially how these difficulties manifest in relation to others.  Participants meet in a safe environment with the guidance and facilitation of an experienced therapist.  In group sessions, participants share their perspectives, allowing them to give and receive support from a community of people who understand their experiences.

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Groups are run to address specific issues, such as anxiety, depression, grief or trauma.  In addition to working on specific issues, group participation allows members to reflect on their interpersonal patterns as they emerge in the group, which can mirror what happens in everyday life.

 Recognising these tendencies can assist you to experiment with new, more satisfying ways of being, with the benefit of other group members providing feedback and support.

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Benefits of Group Psychotherapy

Group therapy can help you with:

  • A sense of community among people who are going through similar experiences.

  • A greater understanding of your own emotions, interpersonal behaviours patterns.

  • A deeper understanding of yourself in the context of your relationships.

  • Demonstrate that you are not alone, alleviating feelings of isolation and bringing solace by hearing that others are going through similar experiences.

  • Put your difficulties into perspective.

  • Provide insight into how other people deal with difficulties.


  • Setting the structure and tone of the group.

  • Establishing a physically safe and uninterrupted space for the group to meet in.

  • Establishing the group's culture, explicit and implicit rules.

  • Guiding and facilitating the therapeutic process.

  • Managing boundaries and maintaining the group as a safe therapeutic space.

  • Introducing therapeutic activities to the group that are relevant to shared presenting issues.

  • Highlighting therapeutic moments that occur between members.

  • Attending to each member with acceptance and care.

  • Facilitating safe self-disclosure and participation.


Groups run as an eight week program. Prior to signing up, participants complete an expression of interest and have a half hour session to assess their needs and decide if group therapy is the best option for them.   


Participants in a group with a fixed number of sessions can be more motivated to improve because they know their window of opportunity is short.  However, people tend to make therapeutic progress at their own speed; some people gain new insights and make changes rapidly, while others will take longer.  As a result, at the end of the six week program, members are offered the option of continuing if it will be beneficial for them.


Group details:

TYPE: Closed, Semi-structured Group; RUNS FOR: 6 weeks; DURATION: 1.5h; MEMBERS: 6-10; COST: $70/session; Medicare Rebates available
(see Fees & Rebates page for more details).

If you are interested in Group Therapy, please see the booking page and complete the form to express your interest; when the right number of eligible participants have signed up, you will be contacted to confirm your continued interest and the next steps.