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Therapy for NDIS Participants

I provide therapy for people with life-changing illness or injury to assist them to navigate their difficulties and realise their potential.

My advanced skills in Mental Health Social Work and Psychotherapy can help you  overcome obstacles and manage physical and emotional pain you are experiencing.

Therapy can help you enhance your quality of life by assisting you in planning, achieving, and processing the challenges you face, so that you can become more independent, and help you to work through problems or issues such as:

  • Support through life transitions.

  • Skills development, e.g.:

    - goal setting,
    - planning,
    - time management,
    - communication.


I have been trained in various approaches that can assist people to get through these difficulties, such as: cognitive behavioural therapy, existential therapy, and narrative therapy.  You can find more information about the approaches I use on my Counselling Methods page.   


In addition to training in counselling and psychotherapy, I am an accredited mental health social worker, which informs a holistic focus, to enhance client’s overall wellbeing, including engaging more fully in life, community and networks. 


Please view other pages on my website to find out more information about other issues I specialise in that you may find helpful.

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To access this service through NDIS funding, you need to have the item 'Improved Daily Living' in your NDIS plan, and be self-managed or utilise the services of a plan manager (not NDIA managed).


The therapy services I provide are designed to facilitate:

  • Emotional acceptance.

  • Personal growth.

  • Development of personal resources.

  • Achieving personal goals.

  • Self-awareness and insight.