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Art Therapy

Art Therapy Melbourne

Art therapy is one of the various modalities that offer an alternative to talking therapy, to expand your capacity to communicate and explore your thoughts and emotions. Symbols and metaphors expressed through art go beyond what can be described when participating in talking therapies. Art therapy is a way to express and understand this hidden knowledge to facilitate therapeutic work.

Using art to explore and process thoughts and emotions.

The Creative Process is Harnessed to:

  • Enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

  • Deepen understanding and problem-solving capacity.

  • Manage stress and improving mood.

  • Increase self-awareness and self-esteem.

  • Facilitate personal growth.

What Happens in an Art Therapy Session?

  • You will guided to create an image that describes an area of interest or concern.

  • The source of images may be directly accessed as part of the activity, or sourced via other avenues, e.g. dreams or focusing exercises.

  • As the image takes shape, the therapist will ask about certain aspects of the image, the choice of materials or colours.

  • Feelings and experiences are further evoked and explored for insights.

Using art therapy to express feelings and experiences.
Using art therapy to express yourself freely without inhibitions.

But I am not Artistic, Can Art Therapy Work for Me?

You do not need to be artistic to gain the benefits of art therapy!


While many art therapists come to the work by first being artists, then becoming therapists, my practice has evolved from psychotherapy training and extensive work in group therapy programs; further enhanced by specific training in the field.


My clients can feel ease, liberate their inner child and embrace the creative process without feeling self-conscious.  

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