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Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety counselling Melbourne; calm sea and sky.

Anxiety can be overwhelming and become a negative cycle in a persons life, by making them feel that they can't cope, and prevent them from confronting their fears. If you find yourself struggling with either chronic or acute anxiety or panic attacks, counselling can help restore your health and wellbeing.

Causes of Anxiety:

Some people have an identifiable cause for their anxiety: a traumatic incident, psychological stress, or a significant life event. However, some people can’t identify the cause for their anxiety and this causes them further distress.


Looking at anxiety as an accumulation of stress from many causes, or developing over a period of time, can explain why sometimes it may seem to come out of the blue, with no specific trigger.


Something that seems insignificant in itelf may recall a painful past experience, leading to the present feeling of anxiety.


What is needed is a method to release the stress and tension. Anxiety Counselling can provide you with strategies and insights that can be fundamental in assisting you to achieve lasting recovery.

Anxiety counselling; accessig strategies to promote calm.

At the basis of anxiety can lie unhealthy beliefs, thoughts, actions, and behaviours. Unless these underlying causes are addressed, anxiety has the potential to return. Talk Therapy for anxiety addresses underlying factors, thereby eliminating the triggers or issues that can cause anxiety to resurface at a later time.

Anxiety counselling; spiral; natural tools for self care.

Advantages of Counselling for Anxiety:

  • Understand your anxiety, as it pertains to you as an unique individual.

  • Identify and treat the underlying issues associated with your anxiety, such trauma or dysfunctional coping mechanisms.

  • Learn and implement strategies for managing your symptoms, such as relaxation techniques to help you unwind and relieve symptoms of anxiety.

  • Address potential obstacles to recovery, such as resistance or negative thoughts or behaviours​.

  • Have the support to sustain changes over time.

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