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Therapy for Depression

Depression; lotus; ability to rise above.

From time to time we can all feel sad, or distressed as a reaction to stressful life events and experiences. However, sometimes people find these feelings persist and cannot be alleviated, this can be a sign of depression. 

When someone is in the midst of their depression, there often seems no way out of their suffering. A depressed person may feel isolated and lonely, and feel as though no one understands what they are going through.

Depression is primarily a difficulty in managing one’s mood and emotions. Being too self-critical, feeling  worthless or lonely, and holding on to unresolved feelings, can make us feel low and lose hope.

Common symptoms of
depression include:


  • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions


  • Feeling restless, irritable and agitated


  • Avoiding other people

  • Disturbance in sleep and/or appetite

  • Feeling hopeless, useless, or inadequate

  • Physical symptoms: pain, headaches, lack of energy or libido

  • Low mood, tearfulness


  • Thoughts of suicide

Depression; beauty hidden behind clouds; hope.

Talk Therapy can help to resolve these difficult feelings by helping you understand why and how the depression has come about in the first place, as well as learning ways to manage your mood.

Depression; hope on the horizon; peace and joy.

Depression counselling can help to:

  • Increase self-awareness and mood managment by identifying specific symptoms, ​​and the events that trigger them.

  • Identifying destructive thought patterns, and exploring new, more positive ways of thinking.

  • Developing relationship with others as a support system to enhance positive feelings of connectedness and self-confidence​​.

  • Take some time out to reflect on what is important in your life, and reconnect with sources of contentment and joy. 

  • Counselling and psychotherapy for depression can help you get in touch with your underlying emotions, make sense of them, and develop new ways of looking at yourself and the world.

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