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Experiential Therapies

Experiential therapy enables people to deeply examine aspects of their life, relationships, thoughts and feelings using expressive tools, exercises, and other techniques. These activities help people to become more conscious of particular thoughts and feelings that have influenced and are impacting them. Experiential therapy assists people to understand themselves better and be able to exercise choice in either owning or letting go of thoughts, feelings or behaviours.

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Experiential therapies involve specific activities that help people to explore their experiences in ways beyond what talking therapy can achieve.

Using these techniques can help you process difficult situations, process your emotions, and see things from a different perspective. I use a variety of experiential therapies in my practice, such as:


Psychotherapy, parts work.
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How Does Experiential Therapy Work?


Experiential exercises bring about a state of awareness that can change the person’s perception of reality.


While the task is taking place, clients are asked to explain what they are thinking and feeling; they will become aware of certain emotions or beliefs that were previously hidden from their awareness.


By exploring this new knowledge with the support of therapist, great shifts can take place. 

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Is Experiential Therapy Suitable for Me?


Experiential therapy can be used for a range of issues, its applicability only limited by each persons individual style and preferences.


This approach to therapy can be very powerful in processing past pain and harmful memories and the guilt and shame attached to them.

This Approach can be Especially Effective if You:

  • Have experienced past trauma.

  • Feel stuck and unsure how to move forward.

  • Have trouble verbally expressing thoughts and feelings.

  • Have tried talking therapy and had limited results.

Psychotherapy, emotionally focused therapy.
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