Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy is a therapeutic conversation in an outdoor, green and natural environment. The walking is secondary to the conversation, however it provides a different kind of therapeutic experience, one which combines the mind and the body.

Coming under the umbrella of ‘Green Therapy’ or ‘Ecotherapy’,

Walk & Talk Therapy can provide many benefits:

  • Helps to release emotion, calm, energise & inspire.

  • Boosts mood, and reduces stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. 

  • Walking in nature enhances problem solving ability, and creative thinking.

  • Exercise promotes a better sleep cycle, improves circulation.

  • Increases self-esteem and life balance, as you prioritise time for self care.

Yarra River Parklands.jpg

The kinds of issues Walk & Talk Therapy is appropriate for:

  • Depression: effects of exercise and nature on improving mood.

  • Chronic illness or pain: enhances body awareness and relaxation.

  • Grief or transition: benefits from a metaphorical action of moving forward.

  • Anxiety: more gentle if face to face counselling is overwhelming.

  • Stress management: start making changes that promote wellbeing.

  • Trauma: grounding and reconnecting mind and body.

  • Disordered eating: establish positive habits for managing emotions.

Similar to an office consultation, sessions last for 50-60 minutes, beginning and ending at the Clifton Hill entrance to Yarra Bend Park.


Walk & Talk Therapy may be used occasionally, or be your preferred method of counselling, depending on what would be most appropriate for you.

If you are interested in this type of therapy we will have an initial office assessment, to assess your therapy needs and decide whether Walk & Talk Therapy is the right approach for you.