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A warm, engaging space; ready to help you grow.

A warm,

engaging space;

ready to help

you grow.

Clifton Hill Counselling Room


In challenging times, we need help to find the path that is right for us. This can be complicated when we can’t even imagine where to begin, or what our destination might look like. Finding the right therapist will help to navigate and grow through these experiences.

I am committed to collaboratively working through challenges with people, and adapting the therapeutic approach to what they really need, so we can continue the journey, side-by-side.

My mission is to help people (re) discover their spark and support them to live their most authentic life. I believe for therapy to be effective, it is important to withhold judgement, to be emotionally present, to take the time to really see and hear people’s stories, to understand their unique situation and perspective.

This is why I won’t make assumptions, or try to make people fit into a theory, I employ the strength and confidence necessary to hold the space until we find the best approach.

Benefits of Psychotherapy:

Immediate Benefits:

  • Feel listened to and validated, feel your experiences, thoughts and feelings matter.

  • Be encouraged and have your strengths, and choices acknowledged.

  • Gain information and awareness about issues affecting your health & wellbeing.

Longer Term Benefits:

  • Heal emotionally if you have experienced loss or trauma.

  • Support to make decisions, identify goals and learn strategies to achieve them.

  • Develop deeper insight and understanding of your self and relationships.

Psychotherapy in Melbourne; Growth
Psychotherapy in Melbourne; Growth

What happens in a Therapy Session?

If you decide to try therapy with me, the first session will be an opportunity for you to tell me your story and discuss what you would like to work on. By taking a personal history, I will be able to assess your individual needs and recommend a suitable approach. The first session is an opportunity to reach an agreement on how we will work together towards your improved health and wellbeing. 

Psychotherapy is also referred to as Talk Therapy, and in most cases sessions consist of therapeutic conversations between therapist and client. Additionally, it may be effective to use other techniques, such as drawing/art, meditation or relaxation exercises, walking in nature, focusing, EMDR and other experiential activities that can facilitate the healing process.


Sessions last for 60-90 minutes and are conducted on a weekly basis to be effective; less frequent sessions will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Progress will be reviewed at regular intervals, to ensure we are taking the most helpful approach for achieving your goals, and responding to any changing needs. 

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