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Existential Psychotherapy

Existential Psychotherapy is an adjunctive therapy that is utilised by an Integrative Psychotherapist to inform and enhance the exploration of the fundamental human experiences of meaning, isolation, freedom and loss. This approach to therapy goes beyond the treatment of mental health issues and symptoms, and into the realm of enriching the sense of meaning and purpose we have in our lives.

How can Existential Psychotherapy Help?

This approach to therapy focuses on values, motivations and beliefs in order to help you to live your life more authentically in accordance with these. Such exploration with a Existential Psychotherapist can help you discover what makes you unique, and how to live your life more fully and more meaningfully. 


Similar to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Existential Psychotherapy can assist people to accept that sometimes there are values and beliefs we hold more dearly than simply making our lives easy or pleasurable. 


There are times in life when you experience an Existential Crisis: for example, if you are going through specific issues such as grief and loss, or changes in living circumstances, relationships, occupation, or health, etc. At such times it is common for humans to feel lost or question their values, beliefs, or purpose. Making sense of what drives us and gives life meaning can surpass and overcome our suffering. 

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What Does Existential Psychotherapy Look Like?

An Existential Approach to Therapy can support you during such times by:


  • Exploring your inner thoughts, feelings, and perspectives free from any fear of judgement.

  • Utilising a phenomenological approach to therapy, which puts aside any preconceptions to remain open to creative possibilities and help you explore your truth.

  • Facilitate a deep exploration of your subjective experience to increase self-awareness and self-acceptance.

  • Increasing your sense of freedom and choice in living more authentically.

  • Discovering and/or clarifying your meaning and purpose in life, including philosopshical or spiritual beliefs.

  • Strengthening your personal identity by helping you choose authentic life goals that are unique to you and go beyond historical, cultural or socio-economic factors that you have found limiting.

  • Supporting you to accept and manage various challenges as a natural part of life.

This approach to psychotherapy can be especially effective for people that think deeply or feel strongly about their values and beliefs, whether they are humanistic or spiritual.  If you are a person that places a high value on introspection and/or self-reflection, Integrative Therapy, incorporating the principles and practices of Existential Psychotherapy, can support you to navigate life’s challenges and cultivate your self-awareness and self-growth.

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